30 jan


English Language Standup Comedy

agenda overzicht

As Confucius said "New years resolutions are made to be broken, yo" and what better way to accept your disciplinary inadequacy than with a night of standup comedy at De Plak? Unless your new years resolution is to see more standup comedy, in which case I refer you to another of Confucius's quotes "You've gotta stay on the right path and get ur ass down to De Plak for some SWEET SWEET comedy maaaan". The main thing is Confucius said a lot of things and would be there if he was still around and maybe you should think about that.

On this lineup of our open mic extravaganza:
Matt Castellvi
Stephen Bell Comedy
Roxy JC
Sharon Em
Sjoerd Scott
Benjamin George Nelkin
Michèle Maurer
and your MC Steven Morgan.

Entry is FREE.
Doors open at 19:00.
Show starts at 20:00 or when we're full.
No reservations.
Café De Plak's restaurant will be serving amazing food all day, so get there early for a bite beforehand.