26 sep


English Language Standup Comedy

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Are you sitting down? Please take a seat because I have big news and I don't want you to hurt yourself.

OK look, there's no easy way of saying this, but...

LYFAO is back.

That's right LYFAOers, Nijmegen's most magnificent and stupendous English language standup comedy night is back in Nimma and excitement levels are so high that the gemeente sent another one of those annoying emergency text messages to everyone just to let them know. Once again comedians from near and afar descend into the Cafe De Plak basement to entertain you in the way that they do best: With their mouths.

The lineup for our first show of the new season is:
Michael Jäger
Stephen Bell Comedy
Nira Tal
James Johnson
Carly Blair
Michèle Maurer
plus one performer who has never done standup comedy in their life before (omg)

Entry is free, doors open 19:15 and the comedy starts 20:00 prompt. Get down early to guarantee a seat as the seats are first come, first served.

Café De Plak's restaurant is open through the day, so do why not treat yourself to a Kaasgehakt before the show begins?

See you there.